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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

What Valentine's Day Wasn't...and Was

I've been wanting to post about our new house and its adorable-ness.

 I also want to post about the baby shower I hosted for my cousin, Amber, this past Saturday.

 But today, I want to tell you what I am learning about love.

First, I know it is not the "romantic" love a la The Bachelor that consists of zip-lining through the rain forests of Costa Rica or awkward yacht rides in Anguilla. Or being on a group date with three other girls. Bleck. I know all this. Yet, I can't look away from the train wreck that is Brad Womack's love life.

 It's not a forced $100 dinner at some restaurant that as a part of their "special" menu gives you the choice of Prime Rib, Salmon or Chicken.

Michael sent me flowers yesterday and they brightened the day. He knows me well enough to know that although I'm not a "flowers" kinda girl, the occasional bouquet can lift my spirits.

At present, there is a puddle of throw up in the hallway, laundry piled up on the den ottoman and antibiotic dripped all over the floor of the kitchen….Gus, bless his heart, has RSV and an ear infection so putting him down so I can clean is not really an option. My typically energetic, crawling, in-to-everything baby Gus just wants to be held. And I am choosing to treasure that.

Although I hate that he is so sick, I am enjoying the snuggles because I know that I will blink and he will be 5...too cool for hugs from Mommy...and then I'll look away and turn back and he'll be asking for the keys to the car, rushing out the door to hang out with friends, no time for hugs from Mama. It is all happening so fast.

Yesterday, I really wanted to have my house shiny and clean as a "present" for Valentine's for Michael. Instead, he came home to a mess and me in a snot-covered t-shirt.

He texted me during the day to say, "I'm sorry you're spending Valentine's Day with a miserable baby."

And I replied, "Valentine's Day isn't just about romance. It's about when someone you love is sick, you take care of them and don't mind when they get snot all over your boobs when they eat."

That's love, people.

I love our new home.

I love my sweet, hilarious, snotty Baby Gus. 

I love my rock, my protector, the love of my life, Michael.

I love my family...that's the family I was born in to and the family I became a part of when Michael and I met and fell in love.

I love that I overcame some major demons and heartache to be able to love all of the things I have now.

I love this life I live. I love this beautiful mess that is what I get to wake up to every day.

I love God for giving me eyes to see it all with such clarity and gratefulness.

That, my friends, is what Love is. And it should be celebrated every single day of the year. No card or box of chocolates can convey all that.