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Monday, March 28, 2011

A "Ta-Da" and Just Who Is The Imaginary Mouse?

Ta-Da!!!!! (From here on out when I have anything big to share with y'all, we'll call it a "Ta-Da!"...got it? It'll be our thang...)

"Ta Da!" (allegedly my first words)
 Where was I? Oh!!! Look what I did to my blog! And it only took 6 days...

I have plans for The Imaginary Mouse to go global...I mean, its totally doable considering that I already have seven followers and two of them are people I don't even know!!!

(Okay, so two of them are my sister Misty and I have no idea why she is on there twice but that still counts as seven followers...because I make the rules up around here, that's why...)

 I had a revelation this morning...I crave creativity in my life and sometimes it's just not possible to haul a piece of furniture to the carport, clean it, strip it, prime it, paint it, and seal it with a baby like Gus sprinting crawling around...and don't even get me started on working with a hot glue gun...

But this...this sweet little blog...it can be my creative outlet for now...I can't tell you how good it makes me feel when I see I've gained a new follower or, even better, have a comment left about a post...(hint, hint)

So I am going to try to post more often...not everyday...but maybe twice a week...It may not have a lot of "big reveals" involving furniture but I will share with you ideas and dreams I have for our little abode and maybe it will inspire you to try something in your home...you know, to think outside the box...

In light of the new look, I thought I should explain just who The Imaginary Mouse is...

Her name is Tressa...I made her up befriended her when I was two or three years old and we spent many a day playing dress up, sharing our hopes and dreams and just talking like gal pals do

She is gray with big pink ears and she always wore a pale aqua shift dress...I have no idea why I named her Tressa...She had a brother named Johnny and a sister named Apple...(yep, Gwyneth Paltrow totally stole that name from me)

Here is an artist's rendering of Tressa
as she was late to today's photo shoot...
 The reason I named my blog The Imaginary Mouse is because my memories of Tressa represent for me the first time I can remember using my imagination...

I can also remember pretending I was a cheerleader by running to my room and grabbing two of the throw pillows off my bed and bounding back in to the living room and performing to "Dueling Banjos" for Daddy while he sat there drinking his "funny tasting coke" waiting to applaud my performance...

 Speaking of applause, I also thought that when I swished water around in my mouth it sounded like applause so I did it often...when I had no family to entertain (or maybe they were hiding from me? Hmm...)

Go ahead, try it...you know you want to...take a swig of whatever you are drinking...we won't judge just because its not even noon yet...

Doesn't it sound just like applause???

So the next time you are feeling blue or neglected or your boss tells you that you aren't turning in your T95 PL Reports fast enough, take a swig and let the crowd go wild...

Oh, and look...here is the fabric I got to make panels for the French doors in our Breakfast Room...
Please disregard the dead fern on the left and get a load of all that happy going on all over that fabric!
 I was so excited because I found the fabric at a boutique fabric store in Tyler for $25 a yard and then found it online at Fabric.com for only $17.95 and free shipping! Score!!

I think I will even have enough left over to create a border on some window mistreatments a la The Nester I want to do in the den...

And another project I want to take on is to use some moss somehow in my house...I'm thinking moss letters, like these:
Pottery Barn letters
Maybe to spell GUS for his room or a giant T (for Traylor) or maybe even spell out NEST or ABODE to hang in our den...

I first saw the idea here at Dear Lillie, an incredibly talented blogger that has a beautiful home and an adorable daughter and another on the way...how does she do it?

There is something about the fresh green moss that just sings spring to me...If I get really brave (and have a three hour time slot to wield a glue gun safely without Gus around) I would love to go after this mirror:
Silver mirror that needs some pizazz...it just seems embarrassed to be hanging behind the incredible Horchow Finale lamp and Anthropologie lamp shade
Who knows if I'll get around to it but I promise to show y'all pictures and a how-to if I do...but I'm learning that right now the point of this blog isn't necessarily that every idea I come up with comes to fruition for me and my home but maybe it's about inspiring y'all...and not just to pick out fabric or cover stuff in your house in moss...but to be brave and take chances in your home and, heck, in life...

So what do y'all think of the new look of The Imaginary Mouse?

Hey, I have an idea! Leave a comment (pretty please) and let me know!!!!

(and Tressa, The Imaginary Mouse)

P.S. Gratuitous Gus picture alert:
Doesn't it look like they are saying the blessing? They weren't but this sweet moment certainly makes me count mine


  1. I love reading your blog! U are welcome to come to my house and use your creativity anytime!

  2. Thanks, Heidi! I would love to come over sometime and see if there are some windows we can "mistreat"...thanks for leaving a comment!

  3. I love your "new" look, but I never saw the old one because I have been reading all of your entries via "google reader"! Love your blog!

  4. I love the new layout. Next time will you only post pictures that show my good side?

  5. You make me smile! I love the picture of your boys!

  6. Thanks, Amber! And thank God for iPhones so that I can capture those kind of moments :) I hope you and Adalynn both are doing well!

  7. LOVE the new design of your blog! I'm not sure why I'm two of your followers either...I'm a double fan!

  8. Thanks, Misty...Maybe you are making up for the fact that The Other Sister hasn't become a follower or ever left a comment!
    I really enjoyed our visit to Mansfield this week!

  9. Thanks for popping by Life for Dessert and commenting on my butterfly chair! It does make me happy to look at it. In fact, sometimes I walk through that room just to look at it again! PS. I don't know what your blog looked like before, but it's sure cute now!